Clear Your Clutter

And Move from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

You have a vision of a life unhindered.

One in which you flow gracefully through your days.

Self care is primary. Play is mandatory. Business is flourishing.

Relationships are soulful. Passions are ignited. Your life purpose is clear.

But between that vision and reality lies physical clutter.

And that physical clutter is telling a story.

A story that is holding you back. Keeping you stuck in the past.

Whispering lies that you are not enough. Reminding you of darker days.



YOU can rewrite the story. And it begins by…


Letting go of the belongings that are making you feel heavy, guilty, limited, less than.

YOU can make your home a place where YOU feel nurtured and inspired.

A place that reflects YOUR beauty.

A place where YOU are reminded at every glance that YOU are worthy.

But, YOU must take that first step and DECLUTTER.


So YOUR home can tell a NEW story.

A LOVE story where YOU are the main character ready to give birth to that big, brilliant dream.

I get it. Decluttering is emotional work. That’s why I’m here.

I’m Dorena, your Space Doula, here to hold your hand.

  • To hold you accountable.
  • To make the process manageable.
  • To comfort you when your resistance soars and your overwhelm is suffocating.
  • To encourage you when you don’t want to make one more decision about what to let go of.
  • To sacredly hold space for your vision of your home and your life.
  • To help you create space to breathe. move forward. uncover passions. birth dreams.


Your journey from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed begins here!

Receive my (FREE) 8 Blocks to Decluttering, and find out what’s holding you back from creating a home that supports your big, brilliant dreams.

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