Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mother. Ex-Wife. Friend. Divorce Support Group Leader. Project Manager. Interior Decorator.

Entrepreneur. Student of Feng Shui + Elemental Space Clearing. Professional Organizer. Space Doula.

My roles keep changing. multiplying. expanding.

Yet, my life lesson has remained the same.

And the answer to my life lesson has remained the same.


is always the answer to feeling stuck + overwhelmed.

As long as I hang on tightly, I will remain stuck.

As long as I attach a story to the thing, person or situation I’m fretting about,

I will remain in turmoil.

But when I can stop making that thing, person, situation

mean something about myself, then I open myself up to letting go.

And when I detach and let go, the miracles show up.

There’s room to breath. To create. To forge a new path.

And that, my dear, is

WHY I’m in the business of DECLUTTERING!

I want you to experience the freedom

that comes from letting go of the physical (+ a few emotional) things

that are keeping you stuck.

And if you’re here, I have a hunch that

the sweet breath of fresh air sounds like magic to your overwhelmed ears.

You can picture walking into your home and hearing the strains of a love song.

It’s the song of your space calling to you.

Welcoming YOU!

Offering YOU peace. inspiration. love.

The First Step?

Getting rid of the blocks that are keeping you from doing the work of decluttering.

I’ll show you how in my 8 Blocks to Decluttering.

And the personal stuff…


I’m a mom to 3 with 14 years between the oldest and the youngest. Each one has taught me a little bit more about myself. I’m a hopeless romantic who will sit through the movie credits waiting for the “wrong” ending to correct itself. I’m a professional organizer who believes that organizing is just a fancy way to hide our clutter. Our family’s motto – Go Big or Go Home. And if you fall going big, then home is where we pick each other up and rest before getting up and trying again. And most days you’ll find me trying to convince some unsuspecting soul to go for that thing that makes their eyes light up.

Your journey from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed begins here!

Receive my (FREE) 8 Blocks to Decluttering, and find out what’s holding you back from creating a home that supports your big, brilliant dreams.

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